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world's most funniest cat playing with cloth

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Published on 02 Feb 2018 / In People & Blogs

this blacky(black cat)...is one of my most adorable pet..living next to my house..
i had played with it..through out my summer holidays.it was a great time..with this cat..
but unfortunately..it found missing since 2 months....
i think some one had stolen...because..in india..especially in ANDHRA..many people thought,,that black cats are the symbol of witches and black magic..
so sad..i missed it alot...

this video is dedicated to my black cat...where ever in this world..i hope it is safe.

sorry..this is my first video..so print is not good.took from my nokia x6..and song is lady gaga's....i don't own any copy right of the song......

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