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The David Klopich Show - Episode 1: Sh*t-plot Generator

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Published on 02 Feb 2018 / In People & Blogs

Contains: sex jokes, Joka mentions (tons of it), a bit swearing, Vienna mentions, copyrighted music, Nodoka Manabe references, 4668 adorable kooky kittens and "Sakuragaoka" references.
You have been warned.
Lovely audience! Welcome to the first episode of "The David Klopich Show", starring David Klopich, the host!
Watch him as he rants about random stuff, talks about stuff, and of course... swears a bit.

"Life can be pretty tough sometimes, but you have to deal with it."
- David Klopich, 2015

In today's episode, he talks about movies- NO. About the movie script and plot generator, probably the dumbest thing on the internet.
Literally, it puts all the words you give in a random column! It even ruins the story. Well, it can give someone some insiration, but fluffy hair, tall lips...
That's definitely dumb.

Try other generators too! I didn't have time to do all of them!

This thing generated two weird titles:
"Giving David Klopich" and
"Tight-fisted Robotoid".

Honorable mentions:
- Mr. Klopich with beautiful legs,
- Nodoka's Store,
- The Joka Movie 2: Return to Vienna,
- The Joka Movie: Return of the Tight-fisted Robotoids,
- Four names - four sins
- Joka, I give up!,
- Attack on Robotid,
- David Klopich, the English Teacher,
- Zeljko Jovich, The Mockumentary,
- Tight-fisted son of a bitch,
- Sebian Movie,
- Swordsmen of Belvedere,
- Radmila Gajich, The Mockumentary,
- Not-so-delicious Fight,
- Watashi no Anonymous desu,
- Joka Nikolich, the defender of innocent children,
- Star Wars: Deporting to Vienna?,
- Hinichijou: Dolph vs Margos - Kings of Dying.

Bloomin' heck, blinkin' knickers, crikey... All in one.

Which part you liked the best?
What were you expecting at the end of the "Tight-fisted Robotoid"
What do you think about "Giving David Klopich"?

Feel free to answer in the comments below!
And as always, have a nice day!

Here's more, BTW.

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